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>> ryan: your idols! before we open up the lines and say good night, randy jackson, who do you think of this group after the performances is on top this evening? >> randy: i have to say the girls brought it hard again, man. you know, listen, i think the boys are definitely in there. burnell did a good job. it's hard. they each get to choose songs from such a wide range of sank -- songs ever. the beatles. good look. >> ryan: and the lines remain and will remain open for two hours. vote for your favorite. who is your favorite? let's hear it. keep them alive. like last week, nobody is safe. vote, vote, vote. we're back at 8/7 central and
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jessica sanchez featuring neo and casey abrams with many more surprises. that is tomorrow night. thanks to our judges. thank you, ray chew live! and thanks to all of you for watching. we really appreciate it. keep it locked on fox. your local news is next. good night, america. friends mark the spot where a bay area teenager was killed by a train. tonight, he is being remembered as a promising musician.
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>> there is renewed attention on a south bay train crossing where a 16-year-old pedestrian was killed. tonight, we've learned the incident appears to be accidental, and last night's incident wasn't the first near the train station. live now with how the young man is being remembered as a very talented singer. >> reporter: candles where the news of the death of a junior was announced this morning. tonight, we learned about plans to remember the san jose musician, and changes coming to the train tracks where he was killed. >> i am 16 years old. >> reporter: the 16-year-old seen in this video was known for his love of one thing. >> music has been a big part of my life. >> reporter: he played bass and guitar, and loved jazz and blues. >> everybody knew him as the guy who could play the guitar. >> reporter: his life ended yesterday afternoon where he
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was hit and killed by a train. >> at this point in the investigation, there's nothing to indicate that this was the result of foul play, or an intentional act. >> he was known around campus, and everyone was just sad. everything was quiet. >> reporter: in the last month, jonathan won first place in a local school art contest for this original song entitled hard lessons. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: he said the award inspired him to write more and touch people's lives. >> definitely has motivated me to keep going. >> reporter: despite illegal signs posted it was a well known short cut. >> i can't believe it happened. i just saw him sunday. i talked to him. he seemed okay. then i guess, i heard this happen this morning, and i was shocked. >> reporter: dozens of students and staff met with grief counselors at lincoln high
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today. >> there was opportunities for students to share memories and stories, and make posters and those sorts of things. those resources will continue through the week and as long as they're needed. >> reporter: plans to put fencing along that illegal crossing very soon, saying that was already in the works before this death. a memorial will be held at the debug offices at san jose at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night. live in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. many people who live near those train tracks say fences won't do any good. today we saw several people walking along the tracks. neighbors say crossing the track saves you 5 to 10 minutes. there have been four fatal incidents involving caltrains this year. including one last week when a caltrain hit and killed maria juarez. a shooting death of a virginia engineer in the bay area for a job interview.
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it took jurors just one day to find george huggins of oakland guilty of murder. united kingdom honk -- jinghong kang was in the area for a job interview with google. extra eyes were on hand to keep an eye out about a meeting about affordable housing in the north bay. continuing coverage now. patty lee joins us live in san rafael, where attendees of that meeting were greeted by protesters. >> reporter: this flyer shows why there is security on hand. even though the issue is affordable housing, what came up tonight were accusations including racism, and classism. dozens of protesters gathered
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to boycott a town hall meeting, organized by a group called citizen marin. it's an organization that wants decisions about affordable housing in marin to be made by homeowners, because they have the most at stake. protesters tonight called that racist, classist, and nimbist. state requires marin county to build affordable housing to address community growth. much is being revealed. >> it touches on some of the larger issues around. are we a welcoming community around race, around class, around economics? >> reporter: many homeowners in the crowd took issue with that characterization, calling it a tactic to distract from the facts. >> what they do is they incite people to focus on these words and get stuck on labels. >> reporter: protesters decided
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to join the opponent's town hall meeting tonight. the exchange stayed relatively cordial. in sacramento, a superior court judge ruled that south bay officials should knit have pulled $30 million in redevelopment money that was originally slated for the 49ers project. after redevelopment agencies were abolished in 2011, school superintendents and others voted to give the $30 million to local schools. the judge did not award the money to the 49ers today, but did indicate that the team should have that money by 2016. in washington, d.c., the u.s. senate approved billions of dollars in spending cuts, and likely avoided a government shut down next week. the vote was 73-26 to lock in $85 billion in federal spending
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cuts. those cuts will remain in place at least until september 30, which is the end of the budget year. the house is expected to pass that measure, possibly by tomorrow and president obama has signaled he will sign it. singer michelle shocked released a letter today saying she was sorry about the comments she made about gays and lesbians in a recent concert in san francisco. she said she does not believe god hates homosexuals, she says shwas describing the intolerance and fears of others. here is a portion of what she said. >> we are at nearly the end of times. once preachers are held at gunpoint, and forced to marry the homosexuals i'm pretty sure that that will be the signal for jesus to come on back. >> reporter: in her letter, the
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singer wrote, my statement aequating the repeal of prop 8 with the end of times was neither literal or nor ironic. 52-year-old joel coffman is accused of molesting one teenage boy, and secretly filming another in a bathroom. coffman coached baseball in oakland, and palo alto. contra costa prosecutors also say they think there are more unidentified victims. today, the aclu filed what could be a ground breaking lawsuit against the city of san francisco. the aclu says police crossed the line when they searched a man's cell phone, without a warrant. ktvu's jana katsuyama tells us why this could have far reaching implications. >> reporter: bob says he was protesting in san francisco when he was arrested.
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>> i was engaged in a completely nonviolent, a completely peaceful medium. >> the police looked through his private messages. >> we shouldn't give up our right to privacy. >> reporter: the aclu joined him in a lawsuit filed against san francisco police. >> please need a warrant to search our phones. >> reporter: under federal law, it's legal for police to search cell phones, but it has not been tested under california law. >> when the phone is searched, it's not just a privacy of the person who is arrested that's violated. >> reporter: experts say the legal battle is being fought across the nation. >> every jurisdiction has cases on this. some cases say cell phones are protected without a search warrant all the time. some cases say they're never
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protected. some cases say they're protected if it's password protection, but not if it isn't. >> reporter: i called the san francisco police department and the city attorney office, both offices said they had no comment. the city does have 30 days to respond to this lawsuit. on wall street, the dow jones reached another all-time high. the dow closed at 14,511. nasdaq gained 25 points. the rally was fueled by the federal reserve saying it will keep interest rates low until unemployment falls further. >> so i think an important criteria would be not just the improvement that we've seen, but is this going to be sustained for a number of months. >> ben bernanke said the federal reserve wants to see the unemployment rate down to 6.5%, and that would be a threshold. last month, unemployment rate
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was 7.7%. the lowest level since 2008. a new poll is out, looking at why opinions on gay marriage are changing. the pew research survey shows a large number of younger adults are now more open to gay rights. many also say they know someone who is gay. the poll shows 49% of americans favor same-sex marriage and that includes 14% who say they've changed their minds. 44% are opposed to gay marriage. coming up in 8 minutes, the debate over gay boy scouts. the first of its kind decision. the first day of spring brought rain to some parts of the bay today. our camera captured these pictures in downtown san francisco. steady showers had many people pulling out their umbrellas. bill martin is in the weather center now with just how much rain we got, and where we are for the season. >> rain accumulations very light, but we did get some rain. that's the good news. the showers moved through yesterday. last night, and even this
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morning, rain accumulations ended up at about .3 of an inch in santa rosa. we did see more rain in the coastal hills, but it wasn't that much. how does that leave us for percents of average? it is surprisingly good considering how dry it's been. santa rosa is 80% of average. san jose 71%. there's more rain coming, but not right away. when i come back in 10 minutes, we're going to be talking about the forecast with a chance of some rain in there, and the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend. we'll see you back here. a bay area community terrified by a s.w.a.t. standoff. >> they came and evacuated us out of their armored trucks. >> at 10:25, the mystery now surrounding the suspects death. >> in 90 seconds. >> the bright orange color of prison jump suits, how it's being used in the latest battle over education funding here in california.
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new at 10:00, a proposal for dramatic change in how california funds public education. a group of supporters rallied behind the governor. they used costumes to make a point. >> reporter: julie, they did. they correspondenced up as prisoners, and tied these orange bands, saying change, not chains around supporters arms. they say it's time for
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california to reverse the trend of spending more on prisons than on public education. >> they are students, but today, these teens played the role of inmate. some bay area schools would see a boost in spending, if governor brown's new public school funding plan is approved. >> the current formula set up isn't equitable, and isn't fair. >> known as the local control funding formula, the governor wants to give schools money, based on need. >> for us, this is significantly better. >> for example, districts such as oakland, with large numbers of disadvantaged students, and english language learners would receive more money per student. >> certain districts have a demographic that calls for more investment, because there are students that need more help. >> reporter: troy flint welcomes more control, and fewer state demands on how the money is spent. he hopes it doesn't create an
10:18 pm
us vs. them feud. he argues that the formula is important to getting all kids to acheefng at a high level. >> once we're able to do that the whole state will benefit. you have better prepared students and a better workforce. >> reporter: critics argue that it doesn't address a number of issues. a final version of the funding plan is expected to be set after may 15. after the governor announces his budget revisions. reporting live tonight here in oakland, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. tonight, the oakland school board voted to close three high performing charter schools at the end of the year. this after allegations surfaced that the founder funneled millions of dollars worth of contracts into his own businesses. students and parents urged the board to spare the american indian model charter schools. currently, those schools have 1100 students from kindergarten through high school, and have some of the highest scores in the district. >> i have been to schools across the country, and none
10:19 pm
compare to this one. my grades and test scores have dramaly improved. >> auditors found evidence of $3.8 million in questionable expenditures linked to the founder and his wife. he is no longer part of the leadership of the schools, but the district says not enough reforms have been put in place to prevent fraud and potential conflicts of interest. jurors found the former mayor of bell california, and five excouncilmembers guilty of stealing taxpayer money. former mayor, oscar hernandez, are accused of bilking the county out of $5 million. one former councilmember was acquitted of all charges. los angeles police arrested oakland based rapper too short on suspicion of dui and drug possession. todd shaw was taken into
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custody this morning. he tried to run before he was arrested. tmz also says shaw tried to dump narcotics in the back of the police cruiser. antioch police are looking for clues in the shooting of a man that happened near marsh elementary school. at this point, investigators haven't released the victim's name. they're only saying that he was 20 years old, and lives in antioch. a friend says the victim had a young daughter and had been trying to enlist in the marines. more controversial ads that some are calling anti-gay are about to appear on muni buses. learning why muni is allowing it to happen. >> reporter: anti-gay messages such as this one are set to begin running april 1. this one quotes from the muslim
10:21 pm
brotherhood. we called to speak to the person responsible for the ads, pamela gellar. >> my ad is designed to save lives. refusing to call attention to the plight of gays under islamic law is killing people. >> reporter: teresa sparks heads san francisco's human rights commission. she says gellars ads are trying to pit the gay community against muslims. >> she is trying to portray muslims and arabs as all being anti-gay. and i don't think that's the case. >> reporter: the new ads follow on the heels of current ads on a handful of buses with anti- muslim messages. muni says it's forced to run them because of freedom of speech. >> even though we disagree with the content of the ads, we don't think it's right to spend the public's money and resources to litigate over the first amendment rights.
10:22 pm
the new ads are slated to run on six buses through the month of april. >> you have to, i think, make sure see it for what it is. it's hate speech, bias speech. >> reporter: and muni is also running a peace campaign on its buses to counter the message. muni says it's donating the money it's getting from gellar's organization to san francisco's human rights commission. rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. a local boy scout council says its survey shows the majority are in favor of repealing the gay ban on scouting. 81% of those who answered said they want lgbt individuals to be included in scouting. 74% said if the policy was changed, they would recommend scouting to a gay, or lesbian friend. showers have moved out of the area for the most part.
10:23 pm
still, a few light sprinkles in the area. that will go on for the next few hours. stormtracker 2 all lit up. this isn't really anything here. mostly cloudy conditions out there. overnight lows are going to get chilly. the ground is moist. the nights are fairly long. we're looking for tomorrow morning is some valley fog. i think we'll see patches of valley fog in the north bay, and some of the east bay valleys. it looks like there could be valley fog in the usual spots. tomorrow will be a warmer day. 5 to 8 degrees warmer tomorrow than it was today. when i come back, we'll get specific for your forecast high for thursday. then we go looking for that next round of rain. i'll see you back here. police swarm a neighborhood over reports of a man with a gun. what neighbors heard, and saw. and the investigation tonight into what happened. >> but up first, concerns about toxic vapor on a google cam
10:24 pm
pulse. the chemical found on site, and why it may have been there for decades.
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a new report from the epa says google employees in mountain view were exposed to toxic vapors for at least two months this winter. industrial solvent either leaked, or was dumped by computer chip manufacturing back in the '60s and '70s and created a superfund site. the chemical can cause cancer and birth defects. a report says levels of the chemical became elevated in the google buildings when workers disabled part of the ventilation system. google has confirmed employees were exposed, but says they were never in any danger. a s.w.a.t.
10:27 pm
standoff came to a deadly end in vallejo today. lockdown after a report of a man with a rifle. ktvu's john sasaki tells us why the reported gunman was familiar to police, and why his death is still a mystery. >> reporter: a conflict between police and a man with a gun has shattered the peace in vallejo today. >> the hard, there's a whole bunch of shots. >> reporter: this started when police received calls of a man with a rifle standing outside of a house on illinois street. >> i know the man, very nice people. >> officers rushed to the scene, including from surrounding agencies, locked out the area, and started negotiating with the man. >> as we were working on this, and trying to get him to give up peacefully, he came to the front of the residence, broke a window out with a shotgun and pointed it at the officers. the officers fired on the man. >> we heard police on the bull
10:28 pm
horn outside. i looked out the window, and seen all the police and the commotion. they let off like 50, 60 rounds. >> reporter: that woman says she just moved in across the street three weeks ago after leaving west oakland. >> why did you leave west oakland? >> for a better place to live for my kids and my grandkids, and this happens. i'm thinking things happen. >> reporter: police brought an armored vehicle and rammed it into the house. a short time later, the man was found dead inside. >> it's getting scarier and scarier in vallejo. >> reporter: police are still trying to determine if they shot and killed the man, or he committed suicide. they have yet to release his identity. john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. president obama is in israel tonight on a visit to restore a strained relationship
10:29 pm
with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they paid a visit to an israeli missile defense system. >> i will repeat, all options are on the table. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. >> president obama also said israel has no greater friend than the u.s. tomorrow, the president is scheduled to make a quick trip to the west bank and meet with mahmoud abbas. a report offers a surprising glimpse into pope francis's opinion of gays and lesbians. when he was a cardinal, he sunketted as civil -- subjected as civil unions. but he was overruled. what he will do as pope is another matter entirely. a stranger to the rescue. when a toddler stops breathing. in news of the world, the action that helped save a
10:30 pm
little girl's life. >> a star studded event here at the state capitol tonight. find out who was inducted into the california hall of fame. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian
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new at 10:00, governor jerry brown presented the hall of fame award to several well known people, including former 49ers quarterback, joe montana. amber lee joins us now in sacramento with the quality all the inductees share. >> reporter: we're in front of the california museum. behind the glass doors you can see that people are just wrapping up this party right now. i had a chance to speak with the celebrities, and a well known labor activist who are honored tonight. nfl hall of famer, joe montana
10:33 pm
is now also an inductee into the california hall of fame. >> it's kind of overwhelming when you look at the co- inductees. i'm not sure how i got into this group. >> reporter: montana was received by a warm crowd. he signed autographs for young, excited fans, and older ones. >> signed the back and the front. there you go. >> reporter: many in the crowd were there to see the football star. >> that's all, i'm out of here. >> reporter: i asked montana what he thought was 49ers recent accomplishments. >> they seem to have it happening on both sides of the ball. all the time. >> reporter: there were seven inductees tonight, including actor warren beatie. >> the movie stars, or labor leaders, creators of hollywood movie studios, football
10:34 pm
players. all of that embodies a certain pioneering spirit. >> reporter: labor activists also an inductee said there's more work to be done. >> especially work to get people elected to office that will stand up for the working people. >> reporter: this induction ceremony is a celebration of what the governor calls trail blazers who have helped the golden state shine brighter. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the cvs drugstore chain is telling employees they need to reveal personal health information or suffer penalties. if they don't, their health insurance payment will rise by $50 a month. cvs says management won't see the data. but privacy advocates say there is no way to verify that. law enforcement agencies in colorado are asking for the public's help to identify who
10:35 pm
shot and killed the state prison administrator. his death comes as the governor of colorado today signed gun control legislation that requires background checks for private and online gun sales, and bans ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. >> several bills that materially make our state safer in the long run and allow us to begin to address some of these issues head on. >> colorado authorities are now searching for what they describe as a dark colored boxy car that may be connected to that shooting. one day after the lake county board of supervisors asked the sheriff to resign, a group is starting a recall
10:36 pm
effort. he says frank rivero should be removed from office because he is unethical. the sheriff says he has become a lightning rod for criticism, because he is using aggressive policing tactics, and shaking up what he called the old boy's network in the democratic. a serial robber has struck three banks in sonoma county. the man is described as 25 to 30 years old, white or latino. 175 to 200-pounds. investigators say he is responsible for three robberies in february. palo alto police have arrested a man they say robbed and sexually assaulted a woman at knife point earlier this month. police say 44-year-old david yi from san jose attacked the woman inside the glass slipper inn. this is a surveillance photo taken the night of the attack. police say after the robber
10:37 pm
left the hotel room, he also attempted to rob the woman on the bench outside. in news of the world tonight, in south korea, computer screens went dark at several banks and top tv stations all at the same time. it was the result of a cyber attack. officials said an initial investigation turned up a chinese internet address as the source. experts warn email addresses can be easily manipulated, and north korea is still suspected. cyprus says it has a plan b for an international bailout. a previous plan to fees up to 10% of people's bank accounts was met with fierce opposition and rejected. beamings were closed -- banks were closed since it was suggested. a good samaritan came to the rescue of a toddler who had
10:38 pm
stopped breathing in a supermarket checkout lane. the man gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation and within a couple of minutes, she was breathing again. the parents were thankful, and relieved. the little girl is now home after a short visit hospital. so scary. salmon, genetically engineered by a biotech firm. coming up in nine minutes, the concerns it's raising, and the stores saying they won't sell it. >> bill martin is updating his forecast. he's back at 10:45 to take us through the rest of the week. >> up first, new video of the a crash that sent six people to the hospital, the illegal move that triggers this chain reaction.
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new video tonight of an accident in oakland that sent six people to the hospital. the chp says one of its cars was heading down international boulevard when a black car just sped off in front of them, and ran a red light. the black car then hit a red car with a mother and four children inside. that collision then set the black car into oncoming traffic, where it crashed head on with a bmw. investigators say the two men in the black car took off on foot. they also say that fortunately, none of the injuries was life- threatening. the department of forestry
10:42 pm
and fire protection says it is delaying the collection of a fee that rural homeowners pay for fire protection. it was approved by lawmakers in 2011 and effects some 825,000 homeowners. the state sent bills out between last fall and winter, but received petitions from about 87,000 homeowners who were disputing the bill. a spokesman for the department now says the agency must review the appeals before starting a new billing cycle. march madness officially gets underway in san jose just over 12 hours from now. cal vs. unlv is the match up many bear fans are waiting for. other fans came a long way to give their schools a home court advantage. >> reporter: new mexico state university fans came to college's big dance today. arriving with plenty of cheer. the spirit leaders, the aggies made the trip in style. >> getting a team this big
10:43 pm
here, they chartered a flight for the band members and cheerleaders and everybody else. it's been a privilege, and it's been so much fun, just getting here and being able to do this. >> reporter: new mexico's opponent and fans, the st. louis university billikens are also showing their support. a billiken is a good luck doll. fans rushed to san jose after winning the atlantic 10 conference title. >> it is madness. everyone is so thrilled. most of these people just came from brooklyn, they were only home for about 10 hours because we were at the a-10 conference. it's just been minute by minute, just go, go, go. >> reporter: san jose and local businesses are counting on march madness. people such as cara douglas, coming with her grown up son. >> he's a huge basketball fan. he's so excited to see cal vs.
10:44 pm
unlv, he said that would be dope. >> reporter: organizers say there would be tickets left for the tournament, but not many. the best shot for cal/unlv could be online. what was lost has now been found. the alberta martin elementary school was racing to find a time capsule that was buried 25 years ago. no one had marked where it was buried. they searched for two weeks, then they caught a break. >> we found it today. so exciting. they took it out of the ground a few hours ago, and the kids were all out there screaming and having a great time, going yeah, we found it! >> now the school will have to wait until next month to see what's actually inside. they plan to bury another time capsule to be opened in another 25 years. dr. oz sued. hear how one man said the
10:45 pm
doctor's advice for insomnia led to third degree burns. >> growing concern over genetically engineered seafood. the step taken by some large retailers. >> i'll have your timeline for a warm up, and the next chance for showers.
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
groups of volunteers stand out across berkely today as part of a seismic day of action. they wanted to educate people about berkely's south story ordinance. solid walls would otherwise be making them dangerous in an earthquake. berkely passed a law in 2005 requiring landlords to inform tenants if they live in a soft story building and develop plans for dealing with the problem. tv's dr. oz is being sued by a viewer who says he got bad
10:48 pm
advice for insomnia, and wound up with burns on his feet. the new jersey man claims dr. oz never gave proper instructions or warning. the food and drug administration may soon approve genetically engineered salmon and a bay area group is leading the charge against it. alex savage tells us what they're doing to keep that fish out of grocery stores. >> whole foods market, and trader joe's are promising not to sell genetically engineered seafood, even if it gets government approval. spearheaded by the berkely based environmental group friends of the earth. >> i think this is a encouraging. >> reporter: lisa archer says the group is worried about the safety of genetically modified
10:49 pm
seafood. particularly concerned about this expermittal salmon, created by aqua bounty technologies. >> we don't know that this animal is safe to consume. we want better safety assessment for this or any other genetically engineered animals. >> if it gets fda approval, it would be the first genetically approved animal to be sold at u.s. stores. the head of the company says their salmon is safe and he is disappointed stores are refusing to sell it. >> i think it's a really good idea. then because we enjoy salmon, and we have a taste for it, i think it's going to hopefully wake us up to okay, so where is the salmon that we want going to come from? >> the backlash against the idea is a little silly. it's a technology. it's not any more than that. >> reporter: along with the
10:50 pm
health concerns, critics also think the salmon could pose a risk to wild salmon population. it's the season for seal pups along the california coastline, and marine mammal experts have a simple piece of advice for humans. leave them alone. mother seals leave their pups on beaches while they hunt for food. be workers at the marine mammal center say that is a sure way to drive mother seals away. >> when the humans are approaching her pups, she gets very nervous. she will not come out to reunite with her pup. she doesn't want to defend it, she gets too afraid of people. >> marine biologists say it's not just people who pose a risk, they are also urging anyone with a dog to make sure you keep the dogs under control on the beach as well. despite the cloud cover out
10:51 pm
there, we had a pretty nice day out there. temperatures were mostly in the 50s. here's how the satellite loop looks. you can see some of that rain in the hills around the tahoe area. our showers are basically ending and dying now. most of this stuff is not hitting the ground. i think it's just dry virga if you will. what we're seeing on the coast is valley fog as we go into tonight and tomorrow morning. the temperature in santa rosa is 52 degrees. the dew point in santa rosa is 48 degrees. the temperature drops 4 degrees, and you should have a shot at valley fog. widely scattered patch. but just one of those things we haven't seen in a couple weeks. overnight low forecast, kind of chilly. skies are in the clear. clearing out tomorrow. tomorrow is a warmer day, a good 5 to 8 degrees warmer. the extended forecast keeps us warming right into the bay area weekend. no rain in the five day.
10:52 pm
the long range models have rain coming toward the end of next week. right now, the rest of this week looks dry and warmer. so the computer model shows the showers clearing out. 1:00a.m., a few clouds, maybe some patchy fog there. and then by the morning commute, it's just dry, dry, dry. sunny, sunny, sunny. all day long. looks like a nice day for thursday. friday looks warmer, saturday looks warmer, sunday looks even warmer than that. nice weather, spring like weather as we get into your bay area weekend. high pressure is dominating. the temperatures come up inland bay, and coast. i think coastal sections will be in the low 60s. forecast warmer by a 5 to 8 degrees. 67 in antioch. forecast highs for friday probably low 70s, some upper 60s. 65 tomorrow in gilroy. 66 in morgan hill. nice weather period. it's a shame we didn't get more rain. earlier in the newscast, i
10:53 pm
showed you the percents of average. january, february, dry. march is being very dry. but we're still in the game as far as water is concerned. the reservoirs are doing well. >> all right, thank you bill. walnut creek's design review commission is considering safe way's plan for a new shopping center. the project is called the orchards at walnut creek and would be anchored by a 55,000 square foot safeway store. some who live nearby worry about heavy traffic, while some business owners say they would appreciate the chance to attract more customers. mark is on deck with the warriors. up first, a celebration of man's best friend. the cause behind this fundraiser tonight. >> and a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go. just download the ktvu app, and
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click the live icon. that way you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. what's truly amazing about mercedes new mbrace2 system...
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is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant... and with siriusxm i can get weather forecasts... all from here. in my mercedes-benz. [ male announcer ] introducing mbrace2. the most comprehensive cloud-based telematics system on the road. it's your world, from your car. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. it's called bark and whine, but dogs were so well behaved
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tonight, we rarely heard it. going on for the san francisco spca. organizers say it's an opportunity to celebrate the bond between animals and humans. also expected to bring in several hundred thousand dollars for the spca. a lot of wagging tails there. there is one town in texas that seems to be bad luck for the warriors. >> that's an understatement. san antonio. the titanic was the hit movie. 1997. that's the last time the warriors beat the spurs in san antonio. making it 29 consecutive defeats down there. steph curry, as usual, 24 points, they were within 7 in the 4th quarter, tim duncan and company toyed with golden state. the usual great san antonio
10:58 pm
team work. 104-93. how sweet it would have been for the cavs of cleveland to put an end to the heat's historic win streak. they had miami down 27 come the 4th. here comes the man who took his talents to cleveland for one night. 24 consecutive victories for the heat. your sharks, positive thought of the night. they haven't played very well this year, true, but remember, the stanley cup champs from l.a., the kings didn't clinch a playoff spot until the last night of the regular season last year and wound up winning it all. the sharks carried the needed attitude vs. the oilers tonight, down 3-1, they get a great comeback going. keeping the puck alive beautifully. logan co-tour, had two goals tonight. they go to overtime, they go to the shoot out. dan boyle delivers with a nice
10:59 pm
fake. a game winner. just the second victory in the last eight games for san jose. we haven't hit draft day yet and the 49ers have already put out a provocative product to say the least. colin kaepernick's new target, anquan boldin there. the two connected via the phone a couple of times to help get their rapport started. which should lead to good connections on the field. racked up over 100 yards receiving, and a touchdown against the niners in the super bowl. once the shock of the trade wore off, he realizes he's in a great spot to get back to the bowl again. >> this team lacks nothing. a very talented team, obviously a team that i played against in the super bowl. it's a team that's right there. a team that's going to be competitive for years to come. all right. that

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